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1893 Marlin Rifle. S/N 125XXX. 32-40 Black Powder Caliber. # 5/4 Fac

by Regnier (gunrunner) » Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:05 pm. A Marlin Model 1894SS with a serial number as stated would have been made in 2009. Since the factory did not move before that, they would have been made in North Haven, Ct. where all the "good" Marlins have been made. Due to the increasing cost of ammunition, there will be no …4 days ago ... Marlin Model 60 Year By Serial Number. Marlin Sporting Model 93 Carbine 30. I payed $135 for mine, but that was in 1987. This is an older thread ...

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I was in my local gun shop and seen a slightly used almost perfect condition made in 2009 Marlin 1895G with Serial Number starting with 91 on left of receiver (not on tang) and it had JM stamp on barrel. ... just made in 2009 after the buyout in dec 2007 and they said put serials on receiver for a year or two before dismantling the machines and ...Our Marlin serial number lookup allows you to date your vintage rifle. Our Marlin serial number lookup allows you to date your vintage rifle. Cart 0. Sign In My Account. ... 1894: 95751 115000 1895: 115001 133000 1896: 133001 144400 1897: 144401 161200 1898: 161201 175500The barrel address is as follows: "MARLIN FIRE-ARMS CO. NEW-HAVEN CT. U.S.A., PATENTED. OCT. 11 1887. APRIL 2 1889. AUGUST 1 1893." The serial number is located on the bottom of the action and is A3094. The caliber is marked .25-20 M on the top of the barrel near the action. The octagon barrel is 24 inches long and has a full length magazine.Manufacture Date: 1981 . Contact Seller *Your Name: *Your Email: *Your Phone Number: *Message: Yes! I would like to receive news and updates from Guns International. ... Manufacturer: Marlin Model: 1894 Carbine Serial Number: 19180479 Barrel Length: 18 1/2 Condition: Appears NIB Manufacture Date: 1981 . See all listings by Long Shot Inc Tell a ...Marlin Serial Numbers and Date Codes. Ver. 12- 09/2012. Prefix Year Proof. 91 2009 (JM) 91 2010Aug.(JM) 91 2010 (REP) MR 2011-? (REP) Non 39's 22's. Side of barrel. 1st …Make: Marlin. Model: 1894CL “Classic”. Serial Number: 93009411. Year of Manufacture: 2007. Caliber: .32-20 Winchester. Action Type: Lever Action with Tubular Magazine. Markings: The right side of the barrel is marked with the Marlin warning. The left side of the barrel is marked “THE MARLIN FIREARMS CO.The current 1895 rifles from 1972 until present are nothing more than a 336 modified to accept and eject the large rimmed case of the 45-70 by widening the ejection port and loading gate/port. The 1895CB's are some of the finest rifle ever made by Marlin IMO. They look good, feel good, handle good, and shoot very well. D.Jun 28, 2017 · Re: 1894 serial number. by Cruiser51 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:11 am. I just purchased a Marlin 1894c lever action. In 38/357 magnum caliber.. The serial # is. 94019261. I was wondering what the manufacture date is and if it is a remain or. Marlin. The modern Marlin 1895 was introduced in 1972 and that year they had a B0 (bee zero) serial number prefix. Subsequently, the first two numbers of the serial number designates the year of manufacture. Up to 2000 subtract the first two digits from 2000 to get the year of manufacture and after 2000 subtract the first two digits from 2100 to get ...I have a Marlin model 1893 with serial number B4XXX, has 26 inch octagonal barrel, .30-30 cal. Here in mexico ammunition are not achieved. But we love these weapons. also I have a winchester model 1894 .30-30, tubular magazine with 3/4 length of the barrel, and sadle ring that belonged to General Lopez. I'll try to add joe64301 » Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:00 pm. I just acquired a model 1893 in 30-30, serial number D3019. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the date of manufacture. I've tried a few search sites, but no luck. On one, it said that the "D" prefix indicates that it was manufactured around the time of WWI.The barrel address is as follows: "MARLIN FIRE-ARMS CO. NEW-HAVEN CT. U.S.A., PATENTED. OCT. 11 1887. APRIL 2 1889. AUGUST 1 1893." The serial number is located on the bottom of the action and is A3094. The caliber is marked .25-20 M on the top of the barrel near the action. The octagon barrel is 24 inches long and has a full length magazine.You’ve found a gorgeous 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air for sale. If you want to find out as much information about the car before purchasing it, start with the serial number. Here is some ...I know this is old post but i have a 20" barrel with octagon barrel with 3 digit serial number 8xx, it says Marlin model 94 and does have the star. Last patent date is the 1893 date. Barrel and mag look correct as the model 94's were made in 24"rifle, 20" carbine, 18" baby carbine with half mag and musket. Just cant get over the 3 digit serial ...The Cody Firearms Museum research office has the records from 1894 - 1945 (December 29th, 1945), ending at serial number 1352066. Former Winchester Custom Shop employee Pauline Muerrle has the records beginning with the year 1946 and going forward. In regards to your Model 94 S/N 1330045, it was manufactured in April 1942.

Marlin Serial Numbers and Date Codes. Ver. 12- 09/2012 Prefix Year Proof 91 2009 (JM) 1973 "few" 1st Letter 1935 on 93's Pre Marlin Ballard's 1861-1873 # by Caliber No.1 Hunter 1876-1880 No.11/2 Hunter 1879-1883 No.13/4 Far West 1879-1882 No.2 Sporting 1876-1888Hi fellas- I have some problems determining the date of manufacture on my model 1893 30-30 rifle. I asked about it a long time ago, was told manufacture date around 1906. After reading the posted serial # pages, I am confused. Serial number on my gun is D1118- according to the posted pages (sheet 2) date of manufacture is 1947.Manufacture Date: 1971 Item Location: Arizona . Contact Seller *Your Name: *Your Email: *Your Phone Number: *Message: ... Manufacturer: MARLIN Model: 1894 Serial Number: 71-189469 Barrel Length: 16 Bore Info:.44 Condition: VERY GOOD Metal Condition: GOOD Wood Condition: VERY GOOD Bore Condition: EXCELLENTApr 20, 2013 · 444GunSlinger2. Need to know are you referring to a 1894 made in 1894 era or a modern day model 1894. if it is a modern day 1894 with serial # starting with 11 then the gun was manufactured in 1989 for modern day 1894's take the first two digits of the serial number and subtract it from 2000 that will give you the year of manufacture.

It did say Marlin Firearms Co. New Haven, Conn in italics on the barrel and it does say MARLIN GOLDEN 39A in caps. I know "golden" means its not old old. But it only had a 4 digit serial number located under the lever handle on the bottom tang, 3367. No other numbers on the exterior of the rifle.Strange serial number (Maybe) I recently acquired a Mdl 1894 S .44 Mag, 20" BBL in pristine condition. It has fine checkering on the stock as well as the forearm. The serial number is the strange part of this rifle it is 000272XX. When I tried to use the date of manufacture site I first tried "00" as the first two numbers.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Looked at a older model 94 today, not an 1894. I see the. Possible cause: Firearm serial numbers were date coded by a prefix within the s/n, as signified below..

Marlin Year code, Production dates, and Ser# on 1 sheet. PDF ... I can't answer it comprehensively but I know I have a Marlin 1894 Octagonal Barrel in 25-20 where the ONLY serial number in on the side of the tang ( yes, hidden unless the stock is removed). No number on barrel, receiver, upper tang, anywhere else. ...I would call Marlin/Remington and enquire about manufacture date. That is strange not to have date imprint on left side of the barrel. US Navy Vietnam Service 71-75 / US Army Reserves 82-96

The fit and finish of this rifle is reminiscent of what was produced by Marlin craftsmen in New Haven, CT many decades ago." The Ruger-made 1894 Classic is marked "Mayodan, NC," bears a "RM" or Ruger-made serial number prefix, and features the red and white "bullseye" in the stock.Marlin did not serialize the model 60 until 1968, so if yours is older than that, you can check the date code on the barrel. The date code is located just ahead of the receiver on the left side of the rifle. This only applies to guns made between 1962 and 1968, if you have no serial number and no date code, you gun was made in 1960 or 61.

The letter L would indicate that the rifle was made around the mi No matter the brand or size of your piano, it has been assigned a serial number. Some companies or models may have the number in different places but each one should have identifyi... Hi fellas- I have some problems determining the date of maMaybe Remington/Marlin isn't always consistent with da Recently I made a repair to an 1894 Marlin that a friend has had for 30 or 40 years. It is a half magazine gun in .25-20. The gun has what I understand is the later barrel marking with the '93 patent date and "Model 94" on the tang. The curious thing is that the serial number is 4003. Marlin first introduced the now classic r Positive, push-button, cross-bolt manual safety and traditional half-cock hammer. Reliably feeds a wide range of .357 Magnum and .38 Special factory ammunition. Attractive American black walnut stock and forend with sharp checkering provides excellent grip in most weather conditions. Also includes: Sling swivel studs, offset hammer spur.Serial Number Example: ... I have a first year [1996] 1894 Marlin Cowboy Limited in 45 Colt. 45 Colt caliber is not listed above. Good work, this should be a sticky! Reactions: rob42049, vt4ster and Savvy_Jack. Save Share. Like. Savvy_Jack Discussion starter 1075 posts ... Dec 3, 2016 · It is unknown as of DecembeWhat year is my Marlin 1894? Registered. Starting in 1973, the y46.6K subscribers. Subscribed. 1K. 145K views 7 years ago. The serial number also appears on the left side of the tang itself and is visible when the stock is removed.The calibre is .25-20 M and so marked on top of the barrel as it joins the receiver.The barrel is 23 inches measured by a cleaning rod inserted in the barrel to the closed bolt.The barrel is round and marked Marlin Firearms Co.Winchester 1894, Values. Book Values. Step 4: Determine the Book Value of firearm. After you have found your model and condition, you can use the following chart to find the approximate value of your gun. The value is RETAIL, so if you are selling to a dealer, the value will be less. Think in terms of ranges instead of absolutes. My 1895 G has serial number 00058502. It is Buy Now. Chambered in .44 Rem Mag, the Model 1894 Classic sports a beautifully-finished American black walnut straight stock and forend. The clean and crisp checkering accentuates both the aesthetics and utility of this iconic rifle. In addition I own several Marlin 1894's, 1895's and 3[The last recorded serial number was 355,500 in 1906.I would sChambered for .44 Mag., the Marlin 1894 has This means that in some cases, you will have to decide which date is correct based on other details. In some cases, only partial date codes were marked. Remington discontinued stamping barrels with a date code on 8/9/99, the date code was added again on 10/1/01. Barrels made between 8/9/99 and 10/1/01 do not have codes.The History of the Marlin 1894CL - 1895Gunner. MARLIN MODEL 1894CL. 1 8 9 5 G U N N E R.C O M. April 29, 2024. Marlin Model 1894CL. ___. Manufacturing details of the Marlin Model 1894CL. by Scott Crawford - July 30, 2021. Marlin brought back two older cartridges to the Model 1894.